Alison Goodyear is a visual artist, working predominantly within the expanded field of painting. The paintings she makes explore the idea and possibility of how an artwork might intervene in the ‘normal’ regime of vision, whilst exploring and questioning the materiality of paint and process. Here the relationship of beholder to painting is addressed by attempts to toy with the viewing experience by using materials such as silk and mediums combined with paint and sometimes digital photographs of her palettes. This chronicling of process within process combines the mindless with the mindful, digital with physical, production with reproduction, and what might be considered as the ‘authentic’ with ‘inauthentic’.

Some of these works are produced in groups as a type of hybrid serialization, which she describes as abstract narrative. Here each canvas is analogous to a word or phrase, sharing some form of dialogue between them. As such these works involve a kind of thinking inside and outside the work reinforced by the way they are put together.


Alison was awarded her practice led PhD by Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon Graduate School, University of the Arts London in 2017. This research practice examines the threshold between aesthetic and banal absorption in painter to painting relationships drawing on the theories of Denis Diderot, Michael Fried and David Joselit. It achieves this through a collaborative address to and from painting practice.