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‘Ascend/Descend' (2022) is an experimental work, which comes from my 'slow painting' series. It's created using a photograph of my physical paint palette as a starting point. The photograph of the palette is imported into virtual reality and is then mapped, traced and extrapolated upon using Tilt Brush + Open Brush software to produce a virtual abstract painting. These 'slow painting' films unfold at an ultra slow pace in an attempt to ask for a different type of relationship with the viewer, one that is deliberate and lingering, and potentially more mesmeric and immersive.


'Ascend' is the twin version of ‘Descend’. They are films are of the same virtual-abstract painting, but seen in a different light. 'Ascend' and 'Descend' are designed as two parts of one installation work.

‘Ascend/Descend' could be screened opposite each other, in a darkened space, with comfortable seating for the audience in between (floor pillows/bean bags), allowing the viewer to choose their preferred scene/perspective. In this way the audience become a part of the installation. They are a living sculptural element to this work.


The titles: ‘Ascend/Descend' can be interpreted in many ways, allowing the viewer to bring or take away their own understanding. They can be seen as a metaphor on how we live our lives, on how we react to all that we encounter on this journey, seen through the lens of the light and the dark.


A minimal score exists and can be added if required. Full viewing available on request.

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