This film installation is based on my early virtual reality painting sketches made in Tilt Brush over the space of a year, which have then been edited together. As part of the Paint Park exhibition this film was projected onto the phygital decaptych painting Grotto panels and the 'unfixed' silk panel, which has an image of a physical paint palette and a VR painting printed onto it. The silk is kept moving by a fan placed above. Within the film is footage of an experiment filmed in my studio of another silk draped over a painting stretcher that is placed on an easel, moved by a fan and projected onto. At certain points, within this installation film, a silk curtain moves and it prompts us to ask where exactly is that curtain, is it in the studio or in the gallery?

In this footage of the film installation (immediately below), the entire piece is seen under UV lighting, which illuminates the luminous painting on the painted Grotto panels and silk. I have also filmed it without UV lighting (at the bottom of the page), and as of yet, remain undecided as to which I prefer - they both have strengths. Consequently, here I show both to let you, the viewer, decide.


As a side note, currently there is no defined audio to this work, only the ambient sounds of the gallery space, but this may develop once further experimentation is carried out in both the physical and virtual studio. Scroll to see further stills.