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Rose Palette No.1 (2022) is a virtual abstract painting, which was created during an online residency @The Virtual Studio. A photo of a physical paint palette was the starting point, linking to an earlier physical painting called Akraenkafina (2018). The photo was imported into VR and then mapped, traced, drawn and extrapolated from using Open Brush software, a process shared on insta (Jan 2020).

As well as digital photos, Rose Palette No.1 can be encountered in other forms. It was filmed in VR to produce a scored slow-play film that unfolds at an extremely slow pace over 3 hours and 17 minutes. I describe this as a 'slow painting', attempting to ask for a different type of relationship with the viewer, one that is potentially more deliberate and lingering, and closer to traditional painting.

It was also produced as a scored 360° film called Painted Space: The Rose Palette Expanse entered through the headset, which explores the fully immersive qualities of virtual abstract painting (V-AB painting), taking the viewer on a mesmeric journey over, under, in between and through the many marks and strokes that make up this virtual work, and runs for 26 minutes. Full viewing of these films is available on request. 


Scrolling down is recommended here to not only reveal a small selection of stills, but also clips taken from the film. Scrolling down also gives a small sense of the unfolding abstract narrative that is further supported through this graphic novel-like format.

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